Buy Tokens on Solana

Add your favorite token in your Phantom wallet

Click on Manage token list
Search for your favorite token, for this guide we will be using $CATO token as example, now click the button next to your token to add it in your Phantom wallet.
We have now successfully added the token to our Phantom Wallet.

Buying token from our desired choice of DEX.

For this guide we will use our own https://catodex.com/​
Click connect wallet on top right corner
Select Phantom Wallet
Click connect Wallet
Now we will market buy CATO tokens
Click buy CATO
Hit approve
We now have 6400 CATO Tokens as unsettled balance, click on the settle button to transfer your tokens to wallet.
We now have our tokens in Phantom wallet 💪

Placing limit orders on DEX

As we can see the sell orders are placed on 0.00159$ and buy orders at 0.00126$
We placed our buy bid at 0.0013$, which will be filled if someone sells their token at 0.0013$.