Transfer funds from FTX or Binance

Now to trade and interact with Solana you need some $SOL for gas fee. Its time we put some funds in our phantom wallet.

Transfer $SOL on your favorite exchange

Click the receive button to copy your SOL address. This address can be used to send and receive any coins on Solana.
Click send from Wallet / Exchange
Click copy and head towards your exchange of choice, we are using FTX for this tutorial
Click on withdraw $SOL
Now lets send some SOL to out phantom wallet.

Now we have loaded our wallet with minimal $SOL for our gas fee.
It took 2 mins and 20 seconds to complete the transfer from FTX to our phantom wallet.

Now lets load some USDC from FTX to our wallet

Click on withdraw USD
Select Withdraw USDC
Withdraw your desired amount of USDC, add your Phantom wallet Sol Address this is the same address we used to send SOL.
Chose the withdrawal Method as Solana SPL
Now we have funds to buy tokens on Solana 💪
Transfer of USDC to phantom wallet took us 2mins and 15 seconds