Setting up Solana Wallet

To buy tokens on Solana you need $SOL token to pay gas fee. The gas fee on Solana is negligible as a simple transaction would cost you 0.0002 $SOL.
Always make sure to have 0.1 $SOL in your wallet to avoid in errors caused due to gas fee.
Now its time to setup a new wallet to interact with Solana DEXs and projects, for this tutorial we will be using the Phantom Wallet (https://phantom.app/) 💰
Phantom is the best wallet to use on Solana. 💪
Click on the add to chrome button
Add the Phantom Wallet to you browser.
Click on Create a new Wallet
Never share your secret recovery phrase with anyone, yours funds will be gone forever if you share them. Keep it somewhere safe as its the only way to recover if you loose access to your wallet.
Create password and click save.
Now your wallet is ready