CATO Predictions Market

CATO Predictions Market is a decentralized prediction markets platform, harnessing the power of free markets to demystify real world events.
Users can predict future event outcomes and place their bets on CATO Predictions Marketplace. Possibilities for the prediction marketplace is endless as the predictions range from sports, politics, crypto prices, world wide events and much more crazy stuff. Currently people can use their $SOL tokens to place their bets on the marketplace and earn SOL tokens if the predictions are correct.
CATO Predictions Marketplace is the most simplest form of any betting platform as users do not even have to worry about withdrawals for their winnings. Every winner in the pool is rewarded automatically when the bets are closed and finalized with the result.

Bringing $CATO Tokens Utility & Fee

While placing bets on the predictions marketplace, users have a pay a small betting fee. The fee is decided on the number of SOL tokens used to bet. Fee is paid in SOL while $CATO holders can pay the fee in $CATO tokens with 50% discount on platform fee.
One time fee for a new user 0.07216 SOL used to create program account for the user.

Fees Schedule

Bet Size in SOL
Fee in SOL
Fee in CATO
Below 0.5 SOL
0.5 to 1 SOL
1 to 5 SOL
Above 5 SOL