About $CATO Token

CATO token is the first ‘cat meme’ token created on Solana by the CATO Team, a team that has established a track record of building utility tools for the Solana Community and also winning the Rising Stars award in the 2021 Solana India Hackathon. ✨
CATO was born in Q1 2021 when 19417 CATO tokens were airdropped to 7000+ early supporters on Twitter. At the time, $CATO market price at token launch was $0.0001 but since then, the value of $CATO has quickly risen and is still rising with the support of our passionate community.
Early on, our sharp focus on building quality tools for the Solana community led us to create an advanced Serum Based DEX (decentralized exchange) on Solana. This DEX helped users by consolidating token information about top holders, liquidity, mint addresses, supply and volume data into one easy-to-use interface!
Then, we built the CATO App, an android app that further consolidated information for the native Solana tokens and made it readily available to users in the palm of their hands; It eliminated the need for users to scour multiple discord servers to learn about projects or hunt around for the market cap.
Our team also took part in the Solana India hackathon in 2021, wherein we created ‘CATOFOLIO’ which allows users to track their portfolios and profit/loss trends on a daily basis. CATOFOLIO also helps users view and analyze on-chain transactions in a more simplified manner! These early victories have helped CATO go above and beyond than just being a meme coin; they’ve also reflected our potential to continuously add more utility to both the CATO token and the Solana Community. ✨

$CATO Predictions Marketplace

We are pleased to announce that we are releasing a ‘Prediction Marketplace’ betting platform in Q4 2021, on Solana. Through this platform, users can predict and bet on future crypto prices! Eventually, the platform will be expanded to enable users to indulge in the excitement, in sports (football, cricket, boxing, etc.) and “misc.” events as well! Furthermore, we will regularly host “private bets” which would allow users to make their own betting wagers on our platform.
Note: Bets will be placed in SOL and USDC at first; we will add more partner tokens to the betting pool over time. All bets placed on the Prediction Marketplace will charge a small fee in $CATO tokens. Winners will benefit from automatic and instantaneous reward payouts via smart contracts- whenever a user wins the bet, our smart contract will distribute the rewards directly to their wallets, eliminating the need for users to return to the site to manually claim their rewards.

Last modified 4mo ago